Encompassing rich indigos, beautiful burnt oranges and imaginative details, TRADE the MARK’s bespoke leather wares are inspired by organic textures and hand-sourced treasures from afar.

Done in collaboration with Christina's partner Jo King, each leather strap is hand cut from natural hide and then hand painted with dyes. No two are the same.

So versatile, these leather hangers are adjustable and cater to varying pot sizes. 

Whether they’re hung in a corner or next to a window with your favourite plant, they give a focal point to any indoor space. Reminding us of our innate connection to nature.

Eschewing the modern trend of mass-production, TRADE the MARK is committed to the ancient tradition of hand craftsmanship, inspiring a love in the beauty of individual objects.

If you see something has sold, please get in touch, Christina can make something similar for you!